Don’t Miss Lamanai

Orange Walk District is the farming center of Belize, a place where you regularly meet Mennonites and where you can always find fresh vegetables and fruits.

The area around Orange Walk Town attracts people not only for its raw beauty, but also for its considerable amount of Maya monuments. The most famous monuments are the remains of the major archaeological site of Lamanai. Visitors can reach this ancient destination by hiring a motorboat and a guide in Orange Walk Town and then enjoying the beautiful scenery along the river, which is even more beautiful in the morning hours. Like exploring ruins alone? Try visiting the Cuello archaeological site, where you won’t need a guide to get you there!

Have a Sweet Day

If you want a secret tip, (although it is hardly a secret to the locals) the best bakery in the entire country of Belize is in the center of Orange Walk Town. Ask for the shop called Panificadora La Popular. It might be one of the best choices for food that you make on your entire vacation!