We are not connected with the Belize Tourism Board in any way. We are a private organization that is trying to do the best it can for people visiting Belize. When we travelled to Belize for the first time, we asked BTB for some help with contacting various organizations about tours, accommodations, and tourist information, but we didn’t get a single reply. After our second trip to Belize, we realized that there were probably many people stuck without any help just as we had been. Perhaps we were just unlucky, as there is some positive feedback regarding the work of the BTB, but plenty of negative feedback as well. We don’t judge; we just try to help. Personal care regarding your dream holiday is priceless and helps reduce your stress and maximize your enjoyment. That’s what we are here for.

We want to share our love for this place that we so deeply admire. Helping to organize honeymoon trips and adventurous trips to the heart of Belizean greenery is not even work for us; we truly enjoy making your dreams come true. We also appreciate your feedback after your return home, as we want to improve our services in every way possible.

Remember, Belize is relatively small, but there is a lot to see. If you have only one week for your trip, you need to organize it well. Belize is not exactly a promised land for tour operators, so individual travelling is much more common. In our opinion, that is a good thing. Anything too massively commercial loses its charm quite quickly.